One of the quickest ways to improve the plumbing in your home is by replacing the toilets in each bathroom. This upgrade will not only save you money for years to come, but you could also receive some money instantly! The City of Calgary has implemented a Residential Toilet Replacement Rebate Program to residents all over the city. This program encourages residents to trade in their old toilets for a high efficiency Water-Sense toilet.

Why Use The City of Calgary Residential Toilet Replacement Rebate Program:

$50 Rebate: The City of Calgary has initiated this program to preserve our natural resources and to entice residents to sign up; they’re offering a $50 rebate on your purchase. Visit The City’s website for all rules and regulations.

Cost Savings: The program promotes efficient plumbing, which will save homeowners money on water bills every month. The Water-Sense toilets are low flow and reduce the amount of water used in households.

Go Green: Calgary is home to natural and beautiful water sources, by making small changes like upgrading toilets, we can protect and preserve them.

Any Calgary Dwelling is Eligible: Whether you live in a house, condo, trailer, townhome, you rent or you own a building, you can apply for the program and reap the benefits.

It’s Easy: Review the terms and conditions online, apply, purchase your new high-efficiency toilet, have your Calgary plumber install it and then receive $50 per toilet.

If you’re considering some bathroom renovations, start with upgrading your toilets. The replacement is good for the environment and your pocketbook – it’s a win-win. Give us a call today at 403.295.3028 if you need help with the purchase or installing a new toilet and ask about our free estimates.

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