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Pool Heaters Calgary

Swimming Pool Boiler Repair Services

At Lone Star Plumbing and Heating our experienced team of boiler technicians are skilled at servicing and replacing pool boilers. We work with all kinds of boilers and are committed to providing our customers with thorough, efficient work every time.

In Calgary our short summers can limit just how much use you can get out of an outdoor pool. Having an outdoor pool heater allows you and your family to take advantage of an extended pool season and use your pool for months longer every year. Our team of boiler experts have the experience and knowledge to make sure your outdoor pool boiler is working correctly and you get the most out of your pool. Each type of pool requires different kinds of heaters and installation processes – At Lone Star, we are boiler experts and are happy to replace and repair your boiler for pool heating. However, if you require a whole new pool system installed, speak to a professional pool technician.

Pool heaters Calgary

The Peace of Mind of Hiring a Professional

Replacing a boiler can be a complicated and a time consuming process. Let the boiler experts at Lone Star Plumbing and Heating take care of it for you. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to ensure your boiler is serviced properly the first time. For more information on pool boiler service or replacement or if you have any questions or concerns please contact us at (587) 600-3096.

Need Your Whole Heating System Serviced? Call a Pool Technician

Keep in mind that the technicians at Lone Star are boiler experts, not pool technicians. We are happy to provide you with boiler service, but we do not offer information/recommendations for best operations for pool heater setup. If you are looking to have a new pool heating system installed, call your local pool heater specialist.