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Peter, you and your people have been wonderful to work with, the best. I can’t thank you enough for the quick response on short notice to the failure of our Navien unit . . . Somehow you were able to move around other projects to help us. Your man on the ground found that it wasn’t only the heating unit that had failed. Tim is a good listener and heard us talking about the heat fluctuation in the water when in use. He had a suspicion, went with his gut, and replaced the failed check valve on the recirculating line. The unit he replaced had failed in the open position. Tim also found that the original floor heating installers hadn’t installed a gasket on the in-floor heating run, and that the gasket was cracked on the return run. Both joints showed signs of leaking. Thank you to Ed as well . . . Lonestar, you, Tim and Ed, were the heroes with my family on night one with hot water . . . Lonestar was the absolute best choice for us, and the IBC system (Boiler/Indirect Tank) the best choice for the house.

Tony, Calgary
You guys were GREAT! From the first phone call yo set up the appointment, through to billing, everything was professional, courteous, clean, quick and great value for the dollar. I would recommend your company to anyone who had plumbing needs!
Lisa, Calgary

Everything works great. Polite and efficient… thank you Lone Star!”

Bill Swagar, Calgary
Thanks so much for coming to the rescue this weekend to replace our hot water tank. Dan and Mark were great (they worked very hard and were so careful) and we’re so grateful to have hot water again! We still remember the help these Calgary plumbers provided us when we built our home 8 years ago in Crescent Heights. Lone Star Plumbing is always the first place we’ll call and we tell our friends, too. Thanks again for the great service!
A&M Anderson, Calgary
I would like to send my gratitude to you and your staff in general on behalf of Hospice Calgary. Your response time has been phenomenal. We are impressed by the quality of work your plumbers do, your positive attitude and professionalism. Thank you so much!
Yes everything went very well. It went beyond our expectations. We were very impressed with these Calgary plumbers and how professional and courteous they were. The drywaller came over at around 4 pm yesterday and he was also very impressed with how carefully they opened the walls and ceilings. He said their work will make it easier for them to do their job. I’ll make sure to recommend your company whenever I can.

Thanks again for a great job. We’re happy we chose you.

Bob in Calgary
I called in today because my garburator is leaking. The person I spoke to on the phone was so friendly and helpful – he suggested I call the manufacturer to see if it was still under warranty. It is, which saves me a little extra cash. Thank you for being so upfront. I don’t know anything about plumbing and it would be so easy to take advantage of that. If I have any plumbing/heating needs in the future, I will definitely contact these Calgary plumbers.
Kylie in Calgary
Accolades to Calgary plumbers Ryan and Mark. The water heater in my current condo failed last weekend. Monday 8:00am, I phoned the Lone Star office. Ryan answered and accepted the replacement request. At 9:00am Mark arrived with the new water heater, and Ryan shortly thereafter. Dead water heater gone, new water heater installed, gas line soaped, leaking water valve replaced and water heating up by 11:30am.
Frank in Calgary