The economy may be down, but that doesn’t mean that the value of your home has to be. Slow markets are an advantageous time to consider affordable home improvements that actually boost your home’s value so that when you’re ready to sell, your solid and perfectly functioning home speaks for itself.

Consider these home improvement projects:

Gas-Fitting: Whether you install a gas line to your BBQ, your entire kitchen or outdoor kitchen, you’re increasing the value of your home. Gas lines provide a level of convenience that’s attractive to potential buyers and current owners. Learn more about gas fitting services.

Furnace Maintenance: Especially before winter, maintaining your furnace and ensuring that it’s operating efficiently will greatly improve the value of your home. When homebuyers visit open houses, they always investigate the condition of the furnace; so make sure yours is in good shape for the approaching winter and potential buyers.

Install a Water Softener: A water softener will not only save you approximately 75% on toiletry products, but it will preserve the life of all your appliances, dishes and clothing by correcting hard water issues. Learn more about the benefits of water softeners.

Inspect All Your Plumbing: Inspecting your plumbing at least once a year can save you time and a lot of money down the road. We recommend that homeowners check all faucets, sinks, toilets, drains, washing machine hoses and caulking to ensure functionality. If you check these items regularly, you will catch inefficiencies before they become huge, costly problems and therefore drive the value of your home up.

Being a homeowner is a never-ending job, but if you keep annual checklists to help you maintain the integrity of your home, it will boost its value and alleviate large issues from occurring. Call Lone Star Plumbing and Heating today at 403.295.3028 for a free estimate on all the listed tips above.

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