If you have an older home, you’re likely to encounter at least one of these common plumbing problems.

Outdated Pipes

Older homes often have outdated pipes made from materials that are prone to corrosion or leaking. Poly B pipes, in particular, are very common and are notorious for leaking. If you see grey plastic pipes, these are most likely poly B pipes that should be replaced with a more durable material.

Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure problems are common in older homes. This is usually the result of pipes that are corroded or blocked up with mineral deposits. If the water pressure in your older home is low, have a plumber inspect your pipes for blockages and damage. You may need to replace your pipes in order to restore your water pressure to a normal level.

Tree-Root Intrusion

Older homes with trees nearby often have issues with root intrusion. This is when tree roots grow into your pipes and cause cracking and blockages. Tree roots naturally grow towards the closest water source which, in many cases, is inside a plumbing pipe. Roots can make their way into even the tiniest hairline cracks and then grow bigger, which opens up the cracks further and clogs up the pipe.

Worn-Out Fixtures

Fixtures such as faucets, sinks, showerheads, bathtubs, and toilets all wear out over time. Depending on the age of your home and how recently the fixtures were installed, you may notice the fixtures malfunctioning or needing repairs often. This is a sign that your fixtures are old, worn out, and ready to be replaced.

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