Hard water presents a variety of problems for homeowners. Hard water refers to water that has a high mineral content, and occurs when water percolates through deposits of chalk and/or limestone. This process deposits calcium, magnesium carbonates, iron, copper and manganese in the water, which can create a variety of issues because these elements can negatively impact plumbing and various household items.

The term “Hard water” refers to water that has high mineral content and occurs when it percolates through deposits of chalk and/or limestone. Consequently calcium, magnesium carbonates, iron, copper and manganese are deposited into the water, creating a variety of issues. These elements negatively impact plumbing and are known to present a variety of problems for the homeowner. For example, when combined with soap, soap it can form an insoluble white film or mass. This mineral buildup can clog and damage pipes, household appliances, dishes and clothes. Other challenges caused by hard water include:

  • It can cause unsightly buildup on the surface of your tub, sink and tiles in the bathroom, making these areas particularly hard to clean.
  • It will cause soap scum to stick to pots, pans, glasses and dishware in the kitchen, making these items look dirty and dingy.
  • It can cause you to use more soap, shampoo, conditioner and detergent. Cleaning agents such as these do not lather well when used with hard water, reducing their cleaning effectiveness. This in turn can increase your household water bill because it takes longer and requires more water and cleaning products to properly clean household items.
  • It can wear out your appliances more quickly than usual. The mineral deposits clog up the appliances, reducing their efficiency and forcing them to work harder to achieve the same tasks. Dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines are particularly vulnerable.
  • It can clog, and even erode, your pipes. Eroded pipes are likely to leak and burst, causing expensive flood damage. Mineral deposits can also build up in taps, affecting the shut-off mechanism and creating a constant drip.

To counteract the negative effects of hard water, many homeowners install water softeners. Water softeners remove minerals from water, preventing buildup from occurring. For more information about water softeners, or to request a quote, contact Lone Star Plumbing and Heating today at 403.295.3028 and visit calgaryplumbing.solutions.

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