Reverse Osmosis is an effective way to filter your water, removing particulates and bacteria making water safer to drink.

How does it work?

Reverse Osmosis uses a semipermeable membrane to filter out contaminants and other compounds found in water. Contaminates that are larger than water molecules become trapped in the membrane.

What does it filter out?

Though Calgary’s water is very clean by global standards it can contain parasites such as Cryptosporidium, which cause stomach cramps, diarrhea and fever. Older buildings may contain plumbing systems that contain lead. If the lead seeps into your drinking water it can cause lead poisoning, which can increase blood pressure, reduce fertility and cause nerve damage. Children are particularly vulnerable to lead poisoning, and can become brain damaged and/or anemic if they are exposed to too much of this toxic substance.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems use semipermeable membranes to purify your water, not harsh chemicals. Nothing is added to the water during the reverse osmosis process, only removed. It also requires no energy to operate making it one of the most environmentally friendly water purification systems on the market today.

Does the water taste good?

Reverse osmosis water tends to taste better than unfiltered tap water because it removes particulates such as bacteria and other contaminants instead of neutralizing them. This leaves water tasting clean and fresh.

How often will it need maintenance?

Unlike some water filtration systems which require new filters roughly every two weeks Reverse Osmosis systems only need their membranes cleaned about once every six months. Membranes also only need to be replaced every 5 years in Calgary, though yearly inspections are recommended and filters may need to be replaced more often depending on usage.

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