We all adhere to the typical spring cleaning of our homes, closets, garages and basements. But your household plumbing requires attention as well. Expert Calgary plumbers, Lone Star Plumbing and Heating, want to fill you in on a few plumbing tips you need to tackle this spring season.

Like everything else, your household plumbing needs maintenance for continued efficiency and functionality. So adding these steps to your spring cleaning repertoire will save you money and hassle down the road. Let’s begin with sinks and bathroom plumbing tips. You first want to check all sinks for leaks, whether the faucet is dripping or if the pipes below the sink have a leak. If you find water or a leak, call your Calgary plumber immediately to have it fixed. Next, you’ll want to check all the toilets in your house. The best way to find out if your commode is leaking is to drop some food colouring into the back water tank. If you see any colour accumulate in the bowl, then you have a leak. Since you’re in the vicinity, check the efficiency of your flush. It shouldn’t require any special steps on your part; if it does you most likely need to update some parts.

Next, let’s look at household appliances and heating equipment. Water heaters can easily generate rust due to residue that’s collected over time at the bottom of the heater. This deposited residue can decrease energy efficiency and the overall effectiveness of the heater. Try to drain some of the water to eliminate the built up sediment and return it to its proper working order. While you’re in the basement, do a trial on your sump pump with some jugs of water to ensure functionality. Moving to the kitchen, you can easily overlook issues in dishwashers and washing machines so it’s best to verify that all parts are up to standard. These items are a quick fix! When you’re looking for a new dishwasher hose, try to find stainless steel ones as they are the most durable and long-lasting on the market. If you’re one of the fortunate people in Calgary with air conditioning, be sure to give that a gander as well.

Lastly, winter can be really rough on, well…everything! Make sure your water supply pipes and hose bibs weren’t cracked by the cold months. Then, I would walk around the house to each exterior drain and spout to confirm there are no obstructions blocking the flow.

In conclusion, it’s always wise to call your Calgary plumber to have them stop by to quickly look over all your household plumbing. You could easily overlook a leak that could cost you down the road. To get your house completely ready for spring, book a walk-through appointment for your home, call Lone Star Plumbing and Heating today at 403.295.3028.

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