Myth: Putting Lemons Down Your Garburator Cleans it

Fact: lemons will actually harm your disposal and not clean anything. The peels will dull your blades and gunk up the mechanism. At best, it might mask some unpleasant odours, but won’t really help with overall cleanliness.

Myth: Store-Bought Drain Cleaners are the Best Way to Get Rid of a Clog

Fact: They actually do more harm than good. Those store-bought drain cleaners are full of corrosive chemicals and, sure, they may eat through your clog, but they eat through your pipes as well. Next time you have a plug, reach for the plunger instead. If you have a really stubborn clog, the best course of action is to call a plumber. A professional will use either a snake or hydro-jet to thoroughly clean out your drain without the use of damaging chemicals.

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Myth: Turning Faucet Handles Firmly Prevents Leaks

Fact: It won’t, and it can cause bigger issues. Many people think that if you turn your faucet handles as tightly as you can when turning off the tap, you will stop leaks from happening, but this is not the case. This unnecessary strain can break your pipes. Instead, turn your handles until the water shuts off and don’t force them any further.

Myth: A Little Leak is No Big Deal

Fact: if your faucet is dripping twice per minute, you’re wasting more than one gallon of water in a week! Plus, that leak will lead to bigger problems that are more expensive and inconvenient to fix. Don’t ignore it, get it dealt with right away.

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