Some plumbing leaks are pretty easy to identify, but how do you tell if pipes are leaking behind a wall or water is pooling beneath your floor? It can be tricky, but if you watch for these common signs, you can catch hidden plumbing leaks before they become major problems. 

An Increase in Your Water Bill

A hidden leak means you are using more water, which means a more expensive bill. If you are suddenly hit with a pricey water bill with no obvious explanation for the increase in cost, there’s a good chance that you have a hidden leak that’s costing you money.

Stained Walls or Ceilings

Sometimes you may have a plumbing leak behind a wall that is hard to detect. The first noticeable sign of a hidden leak is often water damage on the wall or ceiling. This can look like dark staining, bubbling, or sagging. If you notice staining or other signs of water damage in an area of your house with seemingly no reason to account for it, call a plumber and have them check for a leak.

Low Water Pressure

There are a number of causes for sudden drops in water pressure, but a common culprit is a hidden plumbing leak. This happens because when water is leaking out of your pipes somewhere, the water in your pipes is unable to send as much water out of your fixtures at a time as usual, resulting in low pressure.

A Wobbly Toilet

When a toilet is wobbling, the toilet bolts have either loosened or broken, which has now lost the seal between the toilet and the flange. The toilet will need to be removed and a new wax seal will need to be installed. A rocking toilet can cause a large leak when flushed, some of the water will go around the flange and into your ceilings below. Call a plumber right away to inspect your toilet, determine whether there is a leak, and get it fixed before you have significant damage on your hands.

Got Plumbing Leaks That Need Repairing?

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