The Advantages of an Outdoor Gas Line: Fire Tables, Patio Heaters, BBQs and More

Now that summer is upon us we all want to be able to get out and enjoy our backyards to the fullest. There is a variety of amenities that can take your backyard experience to the next level. A lot of backyard goodies run on gas including items such as fire tables, patio heaters, barbecues and more. The best and most convenient way to power them would be with an outdoor gas line.

Never Run Out of Gas Again

One of the keys to enjoying your outdoor gas appliances is not running out of gas. When you use propane to power them you always run the risk of your propane tank running dry. What if you were in the middle of grilling beautiful steaks for dinner, or enjoying a gathering of friends on a chilly evening and your propane tank ran dry? This is the recipe for a ruined evening.

Why not remove the risk of running out of propane and have an outdoor gas line installed in your backyard instead. An outdoor gas line provides an unlimited flow of gas to all of your outdoor gas appliances. Never worry about checking the propane tank or running to the gas station to refill it ever again. An outdoor natural gas line is the most ideal way to run any outdoor gas appliance.

Run Multiple Gas Appliances at Once

Let’s say you want the ultimate backyard experience with a premium barbecue, a stylish fire table to create ambiance and a patio heater to keep everyone warm once the sun goes down. For a lot of homeowners this means keeping track of three different propane tanks. This means you have to make sure each tank has enough propane for the evening ahead of you, and if you don’t then that’s three tanks you have to haul in for filling.

An outdoor gas line can provide natural gas for multiple outdoor gas appliances at once. All you have to worry about when you have an outdoor gas line is lighting your barbecue, patio heater or fireplace.

On Demand

One of the nicest advantages to having an outdoor gas line is that it is always there when you need it. If there is an unseasonably warm day in March and you want to take advantage of it by spending some time on your deck, all you have to do to enjoy all of your gas appliances is turn a valve. Because your outdoor gas line is attached to the main gas line of your home it is always ready to use. The convenience of an outdoor gas line can not be matched by propane tanks or other fuels.

Trust our Experts

When having an outdoor gas line installed or any gas line for that matter trust the best plumbers in Calgary; Lone Star Plumbing & Heating. All of our gas fitters are certified and have years of experience. They have installed all types of gas lines in a wide variety of homes and businesses. This means no matter the gas line installation project you need done our gas fitters can handle the job. For more information on our gas fitting services or to request a quote on installing a gas line in your home just give us a call at (403) 295-3028.

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