Overview: You’re invited to a friend’s place for a dinner party. You make your way to their home through the deep freeze that is known as the Calgary winter. Walking into the dinner party, you take off your shoes and you get a warm sensation on your bitterly cold feet. You had heard rumours about them and now you know the stories are true. Your friends have heated floors in their home! On your way home you realize that you will never look at your own floors in the same way. You know what life is like with heated floors and now you can’t go back. Read the blog below to find out more about underfloor heating in your home.

Heated flooring is not a novelty item that is installed in your home for no reason. It’s an affordable luxury that functions not only at warming your feet, but heating your entire home. There are two key types of floor-heating system, one is electric and the other is hydronic.

The electric system has an increased operating cost but the install is less expensive. Because they cost a little more to operate, the electric system of heated floors is best suited for smaller spaces like the bathroom or kitchen. Additionally it is highly advised to have an electrician check the wiring requirements before installing.

The hydronic system functions by running hot water through lines installed in the floor and is heated by your home’s water heater or boiler. When it comes to expenses, the hydronic system costs more to install but the operating costs is less in the long run. Because water tubes in the floor heat the hydronic system, it requires pumps and manifolds, which contributes to the higher cost of installation.

The science speaks for itself when it comes to heating your home. Traditional heating systems forces warm air into your home and that heated air rises. That’s why, even with your thermostat set on high, your head and shoulders feel warm but your legs and feet can feel cold. With heated floors, the heat is radiated upwards and keeps your warmer compared to heated air that moves from the ceiling downward.

Heated flooring systems perform best with stone, concrete or ceramic tile, but this doesn’t mean that hardwood floors are exempt from this luxury. You need to do your homework before you install the new love of your life (heated floors) to your house. If you have wood flooring, you have to make sure that the fluctuating heat is not going to shrink or expand the hardwood, essentially damaging it.

The Bottom Line: Heated flooring in your home is truly a gift from the Gods! They warm up not just the floor but also your entire home by directing heat upwards. You don’t have to daydream anymore about heated floors; the contractors at Lone Star Plumbing and Heating can install that dream for you today! If you’re preparing your home for renovations or you’ve stepped on your friends heated floor at their last dinner party and decided that you want to experience this luxury everyday, then it’s time to call Lone Star Plumbing and Heating.

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