Garburators offer a convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of food waste. A garburator unit is installed under your kitchen sink where it grinds up food waste so it can pass through the pipes and into your sewage system.

By grinding up food waste and disposing of it via your sewage system we reduce the burden we place on our landfills and minimizes decomposition and the related production of methane, a greenhouse gas. Water treatment plants are improving all the time, and are now able to manage organic solids more effectively than ever. This makes garburators a smart, and green, choice for food scrap disposal.

Keeping your garburator clean and in good working order will vastly extend its life. To give your garburator a fresh, clean scent run orange, grapefruit or lemon peels through the garburator. Doing this regularly will counteract any smells related to food waste.

To clean your garburator run some ice cubes through it on a regular basis to help clear debris from the rubber casing. This will help keep your garburator clear, reducing the likelihood of blockages. To ensure any buildup is clear run the water for another minute or so after it sounds like all debris has been ground up and washed away. This extra little bit of flushing will not only keep your pipes clear but will eliminate the unpleasant odors related to any leftover organic debris.

If you start to notice that it is taking longer for your garburator to grind up food waste, or that it is not draining properly even after you use water and ice cubes you should have it looked at by a professional. Never insert your hand or any non-food objects down the garburator. Non food objects such as cutlery or cleaning brushes could seriously damage your garburator.

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