There was a time when sub-floor heating, also called hydronic heating, had to be installed during the primary construction phase. Luckily, that’s not the case anymore, and under floor heating can now be installed when you do home renovations.

Hydronic heating is almost essential for anyone living in Calgary. Especially for those with basements, living without sub-floor heating can be nearly unbearable in the winter, when the cold from the ground outside makes your basement flooring feel like ice. More and more often, Calgarians are choosing to install tile flooring in their basements, particularly for bathrooms and bar areas but tiles quickly take on the temperature of the ground outside, keeping your feet extremely cold.

Here are a few tips to consider when you’re planning a renovation that involves underfloor hydronic heating:

  • most problems occur because of poor communication between trades. Make sure all the trades working on your renovation know that your home has, or is being equipped with, sub-floor heating.
  • lack of insulation can negate the benefits of hydronic heating. You don’t want the heat radiating away from the house, you want it to be directed toward the floors.
  • be on the lookout for leaks. Poor quality plumbing and heating companies may not pay attention to connections in the hydronic heating system, which can result in leaks. Leaking water not only seriously diminishes the effectiveness of your floor heating, but it can also cause major problems in your home, such as mould and cracking.

If you’ve decided to go with renovations and are thinking of installing hydronic heating, or repairing the system you have already, it’s important to work with professionals in the industry, who know that the details count. Our experienced team at Lone Star Plumbing and Heating has been working in the field for years, ensuring that your renovations will give you quality floor heating to make your home as comfortable as possible. Give us a call today at403-295-3028.

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