What is in-Floor Heating??

Radiant in-floor heating is becoming more and more popular, so we’re here to give you the rundown on why this reliable heating system is the best option for many folks. In-floor heating works by installing either an electric or hydronic powered system beneath the floor to consistently heat it from below. Here are our top reasons to choose underfloor heating.

Energy-Efficient Heating Option

Radiant underfloor heating does not have to heat at as high a temperature as other heating systems in order to get your whole home comfortably toasty. This means less waste and lower heating bills!

Consistent Heating (No Cold Spots!)

The great thing about in-floor heating is that it gives you consistent heat across your entire home, not just in a few spots. We all know that it’s not fun to have certain areas in your home that are cold and uncomfortable, and underfloor heating solves that.

Custom Heating Control

With underfloor heating, you can get precise heating at the temperature you want, in the exact areas you want. It’s easy to tailor the way your home is heated with a simple button click on your thermostat.

Maintenance Free

Once you get your in-floor heating system installed, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and your radiant heating will last for many years to come with virtually no repairs needed.

No Bulky Radiators

Many people love the fact that they do not have to take their in-floor heating systems into account when thinking about interior design. With in-floor heating, you do not have to worry about accommodating bulky radiators and have more space for your furniture.

Interested in having radiant in-floor heating installed in your home? Get in touch with our technicians today! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the installation process.

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