My fellow Calgarians, it’s official, we have hard water.  I’m fully aware that this statement surprises no one, but do you know exactly how hard the water is and that you can do something about it?  Expert Calgary plumbers, Lone Star Plumbing and Heating, know just how to resolve this issue and eliminate water hardness for good.

In order to correct the problem, one must fully understand the problem.  Like many things, water is measured on a scale for purity, hardness, quality, etc.  When water is considered “hard”, that means it contains high volumes of magnesium and calcium.  This is due to the types of rock it permeates through prior to entering our water supply.  Water with low amounts of these minerals is referred to as “soft” water.

The City of Calgary website illustrates the scale for measuring water hardness and the amount of minerals or Calcium Carbonate present.  According to the scale, water can be broken down into the following measurements:

  • Water containing less than 75mg per Litre of Calcium Carbonate is soft.
  • Water reading anywhere from 75-150mg per Litre, is medium hard.
  • Water reflecting 150-300mg per Litre is hard.
  • Water with 300mg or more per Litre is very hard.

So the million-dollar question is, where does Calgary fall according to this scale?  Well, it varies according to which month it is and whether you’re located in the north or southern part of town.  In May of 2013, North Calgary had a measure of 163mg per Litre, reflecting a rating of “hard” water.  In May of 2013, south Calgary had a measure of 186mg per Litre, also showing a “hard” measurement.

We’ve all spent too much time scrubbing the calcium build-up around our sinks and faucets.  Hard water can effect the performance of dishwashers, coffee makers and washing machines, causing you to purchase more detergent to combat the calcium build-up.  Have you ever unloaded the dishwasher to find all your glasses covered with spotty residue?  This is another hard water issue.   There’s an easy solution to the Calgary hard water, and it is having a water softener installed.  The Calgary plumbing experts at Lone Star Plumbing and Heating can install a proper water softness system that will ensure all your appliances are working correctly and you’re saving money on cleaning supplies.  Call Lone Star Plumbing and Heating today at 403.295.3028 to learn more about Calgary water softening.

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