Overview: Everything fun seems to have a fixed season. The Super Bowl weekend comes and goes. Backyard BBQs only hang around in the summer… correction, Lone Star Plumbing and Heating strongly believes in barbecue parties as an all year event! Read the blog below to find out how to keep the grilling going all year round with the installation of a gas line.

Winter is no reason to stop grilling. But having to change a propane tank outside in the cold weather can easily discourage your family from enjoying the BBQ. Lone Star Plumbing and Heating can revolutionize your BBQ desires by installing a gas line either from a gas meter or your furnace. Depending on your home, gas lines can be run through basement ceilings and out to your patio. If an inside gas line cannot be fabricated, an outdoor line can be installed along the foundation of your home. All gas lines, indoor and outdoor can be installed safely and in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Gas line installations require permits and the City of Calgary will have an inspector examine and make sure all work is completed to code.

The Benefits of Gas Line Installations

You’re having your annual Stanley Cup Finals BBQ party at your abode and everyone is excited about the grilling. You go to fire up the barbecue and right on schedule, it has completely run out of propane. Even with popular propane exchange programs you seem to run out of it at the most inopportune times. With gas line fed barbecues you never have to worry about changing tanks or racing off to the gas station to purchase propane. On top of the convenience of a gas line directly connected to your barbecue, there is money to be saved! Even though natural gas burns more fuel to obtain the same level of heat that propane reaches, it still is cheaper than the cost of propane. Although, many propane-burning grills can be converted to a natural gas system, depending on the cost of your current BBQ, it might be recommended to purchase a new gas running barbecue. There are lots of products on the market including rubber BBQ hoses and easy connect fittings that can be installed on the end of the gas line.

The Bottom Line: Fire has been one of the greatest tools for humans for thousands of years and Lone Star Plumbing and Heating understands your need for grilling efficiently. With a gas line installed out to your backyard, not only can you run your BBQ with natural gas, you can also increase the value of your home. The gas line is not just exclusive to powering your barbecue; you can also have enough capacity to create your dream backyard complete with patio heaters and or gas fire pit. Lone Star Plumbing and Heating will obtain all necessary permits and install a safe gas line for your home so you can watch the Calgary Flames (hopefully) in the finals while grilling!

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