Lone Star Plumbing & Heating Barbeque Gas Line Installation

We all love to have our friends over for BBQ parties and with summer here it’s time to start planning.  The problem with house parties is the preparation required for the hosts.  Ever cleaned your house, prepped your appetizers, and threw the burgers on the bbq only to find out the propane tank is empty?  It ends up being a hassle all summer long.  A quick, easy, and cost effective solution is to have Calgary’s experts plumbers, Lone Star Plumbing and Heating, install a barbeque gas line at your home.  Read on to learn more about how having a barbeque gas fitting in Calgary will enhance your summer and simplify your life.

Lone Star will come to your house and install a gas hose that will attach to the natural gas lines that feed into your home.  This new hose will supply your outdoor barbeque indefinitely.  Natural gas is more affordable and safer than propane and you never have to refill it.  The convenience and safety that comes with barbeque gas fitting is impressive.  Natural gas is approximately six times cheaper than propane and natural gas can be shut off quickly in case of emergencies.  Natural gas grills even allow for more even cooking and therefore produce juicier and better steaks!  Even better, the BBQ is ready to grill when you are.  With a gas fitting in Calgary, you don’t have sit around under the coals are hot, just fire it up and begin your barbeque.

Even more importantly, the professionals at Lone Star Plumbing and Heating will ensure your barbeque gas line is done properly.  They have all the necessary permits required to perform the gas installation so you can rest assured that gas fitting is done right.  It’s an easy fix to guarantee summer barbeques are fun all year long.  If you like to grill, call Lone Star Plumbing and Heating today for your barbeque gas fitting and enjoy worry-free parties all summer.

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