Ever wonder whether you should get a professional to clean your drains? We’re here to tell you that you definitely should! Here’s why:


It’s Better for Your Drain

Many people’s first response to a stubborn drain clog is to reach for a bottle of store-bought drain cleaner, but this is actually bad for your plumbing system. Store-bought drain cleaners are full of corrosive chemicals, which eat away at clogs to break them down. The problem is, these chemicals also eat away at your pipes and slowly break them down over time, too. Although commercial drain cleaners may seem like a quick fix, they actually end up causing harm in the long run, especially if you use them regularly.

Professional drain cleaners do not use any harmful chemicals and will not damage your plumbing system in any way.

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It Prevents More Clogging

If you use a plunger or liquid drain cleaner to unclog a drain, odds are you’re only gotten rid of part of whatever was clogging the drain. Some of that blockage is still hanging around in there and more debris will attach to it and gunk up the drain pretty quickly again. A technician will clean your drain thoroughly and make sure that all the debris is removed, not just broken up or moved around.


What is Professional Drain Cleaning?

A plumbing technician will clean your drain using one of two techniques, either snaking or hydro jetting. Snaking a drain involved feeding a long augur tool called a snake down the pipe to dislodge and clear away any clogs and debris. Hydro jetting is used for more difficult clogs and is done by forcing a powerful stream of water down the drain and through the pipes to blast away stubborn clogs.

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