Are you considering installing a heating system in your garage? Here are our top reasons why we think you should.


Vehicle Comfort

There’s nothing like climbing into your warm car and heading out to start your day in the middle of winter. No more scraping windows. Freezing temperatures can also cause damage to other car components and to some possessions, so a heating system is a good idea for your car’s overall health.


A Comfortable Space to Work

A garage can double as an excellent workspace for carpentry, art, or any other hobby. However, you can’t get anything done if your space is cold and uncomfortable! Adding heating to a garage is essential if you want to use it as a workspace, studio, or if you want to spend time in there for more than just getting in and out of your car. Turn your garage into an extension of your home!


Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

If you have any exposed pipes in your unheated garage, they are at risk of freezing over the winter (especially here in Calgary). When a frozen pipe unfreezes, it can leak or burst, causing a plumbing emergency and potentially a lot of water damage. A heated garage will keep this from happening.

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Helps Heat Rooms Above the Garage

If you have any rooms located above your garage, you may notice that they are colder than the rest of your house. This is because the cold air from the unheated garage beneath them makes it harder for these rooms to get warm, even with your home’s heating system turned on. A heated garage will make a difference not only in the comfort level of the garage, but in any rooms above it as well.

If you are interested in installing a garage heater, our experienced technicians will get the job done quickly, skillfully, and affordably.

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