At some point or another we will all be faced with a clogged toilet. Most clogs are fairly easy to deal with, but sometimes you need to call in a professional like Lonestar Plumbing and Heating. Before you pick up the phone here is a simple guide that should let you deal with basic clogs yourself.

  1. Don’t flush
    If you suspect your toilet is clogged resist the urge to try and flush the mess away. With nowhere to go the water level will simply rise, creating a huge (and potentially unsanitary) mess.
  2. Try the plunger
    A plunger will allow you to deal with basic clogs on your own. Opt for a plunger with a flange extension on the rubber end designed specifically for toilets, which will give you a better seal. To help improve suction make sure the water in the toilet bowl covers the rubber suction cup.
  3. Try to break up the clog
    If you aren’t making any progress with the plunger try a plumber snake or toilet auger (a long, bendy wire with a crank handle at one end and a corkscrew tip at the other) if you have one. Slide the snake or auger into the toilet clog and slowly turn the handle carefully. Do not use too much force or you could break the toilet, saddling you with a huge mess and costly repairs. If you feel the clog start to break up then try the plunger again.
  4. Avoid using powerful chemicals
    You may be tempted to just pour some chemicals in the toilet bowl and be done with it, but err on the side of caution. Though powerful chemicals can be effective you may be stuck with a bowl of corrosive water if they don’t.
  5. Call a plumber
    If these methods fail you should call in a professional. If you aren’t careful you could end up making the problem worse or even damage your toilet. If clogged toilets were always easy to solve we wouldn’t have plumbers.

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