Why is Cleaning Your Toilet Tank Important?

Cleaning your toilet tank helps keep your toilet running smoothly by getting rid of and preventing rust and mildew and stopping other grime from building up and clogging the mechanisms. It is a good idea to clean your toilet tank thoroughly at least twice a year to prevent mold and mildew and keep the parts working their best.

So, how do you clean your toilet tank effectively? Follow these simple steps.

Remove the Lid

Begin by carefully removing the porcelain lid from your toilet tank. Place it on a towel on the floor to keep it from slipping around or leaving a puddle.

Drain the Tank

Turn the toilet’s water valve off, then flush the toilet until the tank remains empty, two to three times. Once the tank is empty, you can begin cleaning it.

Clean the Tank

If you can see a significant amount of grime and discolouration in your toilet tank, start by filling the tank back up with vinegar and letting it sit for about 12 hours, then flush the toilet a few times until the tank is drained again. If your tank isn’t severely stained, skip the vinegar and go right to the next step.

Spray the inside of the toilet tank generously with your preferred disinfectant cleaner. Do not use bleach, as this can trigger corrosion and actually cause more staining. Let the cleaning solution sit for 10-15 minutes, then gently scrub down the walls of the tank with a medium-to-firm bristle scrub brush. Apply more of your cleaning solution to a sponge and use it to wipe down all of the working parts inside the toilet tank.

Turn Water Back on

Turn the water valve back on and flush the toilet a few times, until all debris has been washed away and the water in the tank looks totally clear.

Replace the Lid

Replace the toilet tank lid and you’re all done!

Regular thorough cleaning of your toilet tank is an important part of toilet maintenance that will help to prevent issues, but even with the best care, the occasional plumbing problem does happen. When it does, trust Lone Star to get your toilet back up and running again in no time!

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