Ask About Certification

It is important to hire technicians that are properly trained and certified. Our plumbing and heating technicians are all professionally certified and have gone through rigorous training.

Ask About Insurance

Ask any prospective plumbers about their insurance situation. Always choose a plumber who is fully insured so that you are protected if anyone were to have an accident while on the job at your residence.

Ask About Experience

Experience is important in a field like plumbing. You want to choose a plumbing company that has been around for awhile and seen plenty of different types of jobs. Lone Star has been serving the Calgary area since 1993. From minor leaks to major plumbing emergencies, we’ve seen (and fixed!) them all.

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Read Reviews

Before hiring a plumber, always check their reviews online first. A little research will soon show you which plumbers in your area are known for their professional work and commitment to customer service, and which ones have left previous customers disappointed.

At Lone Star, it’s no surprise that we have great reviews since we have made it our priority to put customer service and satisfaction first, every time.

Pick a Plumber Who Gives Free Estimates

Choose a plumber who can give you a free and accurate estimate before starting the job. This indicates a certain level of professionalism and just keeps things simple for you so that you can know what to expect when the bill comes.

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