The best part about being a plumber is that every day is different. We get to meet new people, help them restore their homes and face new challenges daily. The plumbing profession will certainly keep you on your toes, especially when it comes to client questions. We’ve heard them all and we enjoy educating our clients and providing helpful feedback.

Here are some of the most frequently asked plumbing questions we receive and their answers:

Is there anything I can to prolong the life of my water heater and plumbing fixtures? We run into this problem constantly in Calgary – hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing and the best solution is to install a water softener or water conditioner. Calcification from hard water minerals can build up in your pipes over time and cause clogs or low flowing water and deteriorate appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines. Learn more about how  hard water damage can be prevented by installing a water conditioner or water softerner.

What is causing my drains to clog? This is a very common question because this is a very common occurrence. Kitchen drains typically clog due to high traffic and constant food scraps thrown down the drain. Other drains, like in the bathroom, clog over time as residue and oils from soap and shampoo combine with bodily hair to create a blockage. The best practice is to be very cautious about what actually goes down the drain and protecting it with drain guards. It may be temping just to use Drano but over time the chemical will erode your pipes.

Is it bad that my toilet constantly runs? Running toilets are not only annoying, but they flush money down the drain. Toilets usually run because of a malfunction or because a part needs replacement. It’s an easy fix for a plumber and the call will save you up to $100 a year on your water bill.

What should I put down the garbage disposal? You should really only place biodegradable food waste down there. Also, run cold water while you’re grinding food scraps to ensure that all grease is flushed down with it. Do not place any hard or tough objects, like seafood shells, cornhusks, foil or you may damage the disposal.

How long should water heaters last? The lifespan of water heaters depends on how well it’s maintained, the quality of water in your area and the model purchased. If you purchase a water heater that is guaranteed to last 8 years and you have it professionally installed and maintained, it will most likely last you 10 years.

Everyone experiences plumbing issues at some point in their lives so we encourage client questions. Our team of knowledgeable professionals can give customers the confidence they need to prevent sticky situations from occurring. Give us call at 403.295.3028 and see the Lone Star difference.

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