Overview: At Lone Star Plumbing and Heating, we’re Calgary boiler maintenance experts and that means we know how important having a fully functional and reliable boiler is. Do you? To find out more about how to keep your boiler in good shape and how to keep the hot water flowing, check out the blog below.

Nobody likes waking up on a cold winter morning only find out that there’s no hot water or the house is cold. That’s one of the unfortunate consequences of having a poorly maintained boiler. In some cases, having a malfunctioning boiler can actually be dangerous too! So if you’ve ever experienced the horror of a cold shower or freezing house, you’ll understand the importance of this humble household fixture.

How Can I Tell If My Boiler Is Faulty?

    1. It’s not turning on
      If your boiler isn’t turning on, check the power source and pilot light. Sometimes a tripped circuit breaker can be the problem, so make sure to check that too.


    1. Your water temperature is inconsistent
      Most people will be able to work out that cold water means that something is wrong with their boiler, but having water that is far too hot is just as much of a warning sign. If your boiler is showing any kind of temperature inconsistency then it’s time to get your boiler checked out by a boiler repair and maintenance professional.


  1. You can smell oil or gas
    If you think you can smell oil, gas, or both, then it’s essential that you maximize ventilation to the area and call an emergency boiler repair and maintenance expert immediately.

Why Do I Need Regular Boiler Maintenance?
Boiler maintenance may seem like an inconvenience to some but it will save you time and money in the long run. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike and having to forgo the extra cost of calling out an emergency technician, not to mention submit yourself to the disruption and stress of an unscheduled boiler repair, why not just plan ahead? All it takes is talking to a Calgary boiler repair and maintenance expert, such as Lone Star Plumbing and Heating and you’ll find out exactly how often you need your appliance inspected and maintained.

Bottom Line: If you appreciate simple pleasures such as a hot shower, washing your hands with warm water, and reliable heating, then it’s important that you treat your boiler with care. Part of this involves making sure you have a boiler specialist on hand and are on top of your boiler inspections. In this blog we’ve looked some of the tell-tale signs your boiler needs some attention and shown why it’s so important to make sure your boiler is properly maintained.

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