Summer is here, and that means one thing: backyard barbecues! Whether you’re looking forward to hosting the best backyard bash or simply cooking casual weeknight meals outdoors, get ready by following these simple steps.

Install a Gas Barbecue

Ready to upgrade your grilling game? A natural gas barbecue provides the best, most consistent cooking and gives you superior control. Gas also doesn’t influence the flavour of your food the way charcoal does, which is one of the reasons why professional chefs prefer cooking with natural gas. At Lone Star, our professional gasfitters have a ton of experience installing outdoor natural gas lines for barbecues and are dedicated to a job well done.

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Do a Safety Inspection

If you already have a gas barbecue installed, you should do a thorough check to make sure that everything is safe and ready to go. Do a visual inspection of all feed tubes and hoses attached to your grill, looking for any crimps, punctures, scratches, or other signs of damage and replace if necessary.

Check Your Dishwasher

All those tasty grilled dishes and mounds of potato salad are going to make for a lot of sticky dishes to wash. Make sure your dishwasher is ready for summer by doing a visual inspection to check for damage and pay attention to how well it’s been running lately. Notice any problems? If so, get it serviced now, before you start loading it full of plates covered in your famous homemade rib sauce.

Install a Patio Heater or Fire Table

There’s more to hosting a great barbecue than just the grill! When you are dining and entertaining outdoors into the evening, it can be great to have a patio heater or fire table to take the chill off as the sun goes down. Having an outdoor heat source will extend the amount of time you can stay outside comfortably at night, and a fire table provides a cozy focal point for people to gather around.

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