Ever walked into Safe-Way to see someone struggling with a propane tank? Those things hurt your hands, they’re heavy and not to mention, they may not be the safest things to drive around with.  Here are four reasons you may want a gas line installed before your next BBQ

Safety – Natural gas burns much cleaner than propane and disperses quicker into the air, making it a much safer option.

Cost – Natural gas is cheaper than propane.

Convenience – Once your BBQ gas line is installed, you can literally grill until the cows come home.  Your new gas line will allow for endless opportunities to BBQ, so bring on the chicken, steak, vegetables or whatever you fancy.

Low Maintenance – Gas line installation does require a qualified professional for the installation process.  They will ensure the proper permits are in place and that the installation is done correctly and safely.

Once installed, your gas line only needs a yearly checkup.

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