The holidays can be stressful, especially on your wallet. Here are 3 easy plumbing tips to help you reduce your water consumption and keep the holidays running smoothly

  1. Get the pipes checked
    Especially if your holiday involves a full house of guests it is good to have your pipes inspected well before everyone starts to arrive. By booking your appointment with Lone Star Plumbing and Heating early you can get any repairs or maintenance out of the way long before your guests begin to arrive. A dramatic increase in house guests also means increased stress on your plumbing system. By ensuring your plumbing has a clean bill of health before the guests arrive you can avoid getting a nasty surprise if the increased use puts too much strain on the system and something goes wrong.
  2. Preempt potential disasters
    If you have any pipes that are exposed now is a good time to think about insulating them. A frozen pipe can become a huge nightmare. Since water expands when frozen it can put too much pressure on the pipe and cause it to crack or break. Once the water thaws you are left with a pipe with a huge hole, which can cause extensive and expensive damage to your home and belongings. Always err on the side of caution and insulate any pipes at risk for freezing.
  3. Keep the water bill under control
    A house full of guests can also derail your water bill. With everyone taking extra showers, the bathroom usage going up and all those post-feast dishes to do water consumption can drastically increase. Implement water saving measures such as shower time limits to help keep your bill down. You can also encourage guests to scrape their plates instead of rinsing them, and only run the dishwasher when it is completely full. While this may mean a meal or two using ordinary tableware it can save you money.

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