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Poly B Pipe: What is it and Why Replace it?

Poly B pipe leaking water.What is Poly B Piping?

Polybutylene, more commonly known as poly B, is a flexible plastic material that was regularly used to make plumbing pipes from 1978-1995. Although it was once very popular, poly B is no longer considered an appropriate material for potable water because poly B water lines and pipes will fail.

How to Tell if You Have Poly B

Poly B pipes are grey in colour and often have the identifier “PB 2110” printed directly on the pipe, so they are generally quite easy to identify. The picture above is a perfect example of Poly B pipe and an actual Poly B leak. If you are unsure whether or not you have poly B plumbing, do a quick inspection of your furnace room where the water lines are visible and see if you have grey plastic water lines



Poly B Pipe Replacement

If you have poly B pipes in your home, we recommend that you get them replaced in order to prevent poly B plumbing problems, which could cause a great deal of very costly damage. The most popular option is to go from poly B to PEX piping. The cost to replace poly B piping differs depending on each individual job, but our team is happy to give you a cost estimate. Get in touch to get a quote.


Poly B Replacement Calgary

Lone Star proudly serves Calgary and the surrounding area. If you need an experienced plumber to help with a poly B to PEX replacement, or any poly B piping problems, trust our team to provide you with professional, affordable, and timely service every time.