As Calgarians, we know how to handle the cold. But we still like being warm and comfortable in our own homes. Here are 6 ways to stay warm this winter while saving money on your heating bill.


Wear Slippers

Invest in a comfy pair of slippers and wear them around your home all the time in the winter. Also keep throw blankets around the house in all of your most-used relaxing spots like the bedroom, on the couch, and your favourite reading nook. The more you bundle up, the less you’ll reach for that thermostat dial.


Seal Off Any Drafts

If your windows feel drafty, seal them off with plastic film, weather stripping, or caulking to get rid of that cold air flow.

A great way to deal with cold breezes making their way underneath your front door is by using a draft-stopper. This is a fabric tube filled with insulating material that you place at the bottom of a door to absorb any cold air that comes in from outside.


Switch to Flannel

Change up your sheets in the winter months. Opt for warm flannel bed linens during the colder part of the year and consider investing in a warmer quilt for wintertime as well. Having a seriously cozy bed makes a huge difference on those cold nights.


Embrace Humidity

Humid air feels warmer than dry air, so consider using a humidifier (or just don’t put the fan on while you shower) and allow the moisture in the air to help take the chill off.


Don’t Heat Unused Rooms

If you have any rooms that you are not using much, such as a guest room, keep the door closed so that heat doesn’t make its way into that room. There’s no point in keeping a room heated when you don’t need to, plus closing the door means that warmth will stay in the space you do use and keep it toasty for you.


Upgrade Your Heating System

If you’re heating system is old and outdated, it is definitely costing you more on your monthly bill than it needs to be. Think about upgrading to a new, more efficient system and make sure that you are having your furnace or boiler serviced by a professional every year to keep it humming along as efficiently as possible.

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